Search for Biomedical Data & Resources in Japan



Search Method

Start typing a keyword in the search box and an auto-complete list will appear (when available). When finished choosing a keyword, click on the search button . For detailed search options, see here.

Search Results Page

Search Results

Each search result includes a database title, a summary description (snippet) and a page metadata (rich snippet).

Search Results Page

Search Refinement

You can refine your search by using the faceted navigation or rich snippets.

      Faceted Navigation

    Sagace classifies databases from three different points of view: "Content type", "Species of Organism", and "Level of Organization". You can apply multiple filters by using these categories (known as facets), displayed on the left column of the search result page. For example, you can choose "Biological Resources" in the "Content Type" facet and "Human" in the "Species of Organism" facet.
    The selected facet values are shown in orange.

    Faceted Refinement

      Refinement with Rich Snippets

    You can also narrow down your search results by using the following three types of rich snippets.

    Refinement with Richsnippets
    • Database Name

    •   Move the cursor over the database name and an explanation for the database will appear (currently available only in the Japanese mode).
        If you click on the database name, the search results are limited to those from the selected database.
        The database name is now shown in orange.

      Refinement of Database Name 

    • Database Classification

    •  As in the faceted navigation, you can limit the search results to those from the databases with a selected facet value.

      Types of Database

      Note that the species of organism facet is defined for databases, not for individual database pages. Therefore, it is possible that a search result is about human data and yet, its Rich Snippet shows "Human, Animals (non-human)", because the source database contains both human and other animals data (and is classified accordingly). The current list of databases that Sagace searches can be found here.

    • Species Name

    •   Move the cursor over the species name and a species icon will appear.
        If you click on the species name, the search results are limited to those associated with the selected species. Species Name  Note that the pop-up species icon appears only when the relevant information can be retrieved from the entry page metadata.

      Refinement with Entry ID

      If you add a “[id]” tag after the query term, you can directly search for a specific database entry having that term as its ID.
      (Currently, only the JCRB databases can be searched in this manner but we plan to add the entry ID field to more databases.)
    Refinement with Entry ID