This FAQ is for database providers who wish to mark up their content using micro data. If you wish to know more about Sagace, please refer to this link.

Schema.org extension

  1. What's the meaning of seeAlso?
  2. How can I mark up a species that is not in any existing ID scheme?
  3. Do you have any plans to add other properties or vocabularies to BiologicalDatabaseEntry or BiologicalDatabase
    (such as Chemical Formula and Biological Resource)?
  4. How can I describe the type of a database using general terms, such as gene function, disease, glycan structure and patent? Should we have a vocabulary for this purpose?

How to mark up and get it recognized by Sagace

  1. If I mark up an entry with two or more properties, how does Sagace deal with it?
  2. In XHTML, attribute values cannot be omitted. Is it OK to mark up as itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="BiologicalDatabaseEntry", instead of itemscope itemtype="BiologicalDatabaseEntry"?
  3. For entries related to infectious diseases, we can't distinguish the two species (i.e., the host and the pathogen). How does Sagace deal with such cases?
  4. How can I mark up using seeAlso and taxon?
  5. Which html tags are recommended to mark up microdata?

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